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Nurturing wellness through the art of yoga and practice of hygge.

Updated: Feb 13

In a world filled with hustle and bustle, finding moments of peace and serenity has become a rare commodity. Hanna Hygge goes beyond the bedroom to explore the holistic benefits of yoga and its seamless connection to the concept of hygge. As we delve into the art of mindful movement and relaxation, discover how incorporating yoga into your routine can elevate your sense of well-being and bring the feeling of hygge into your home and everyday routine.

At the heart of Hanna Hygge lies the essence of hygge, a Danish concept that engenders a feeling of coziness and contentment. This concept applies to many things, your home, your lifestyle and your wellbeing. Yoga, with its roots in mindfulness and self-care, naturally aligns with the concept of hygge. The gentle flow of yoga poses, paired with conscious breathwork, creates a sacred space where individuals can escape the chaos of modern life and embrace the simplicity and warmth that hygge embodies. This feeling of simplicity and peace can be created in your home or in a yoga studio. 

Woman on yoga mat does backbend while following along yoga video on a laptop at home

For those looking to explore hygge through the practice of yoga at home, we recommend the following yoga and meditative tools. These offerings are made to be easily accessible and incorporated into everyday life.

  • Yoga with Adriene: Adriene is a calming yoga instructor that is able to guide you through a peaceful yoga practice at home via YouTube. With many different specialty practices and a 30 introduction to yoga series designed to guide you through the daily practice of yoga over a month.

  • Good Vibes Yoga: For Melbourne locals, Good Vibes Yoga is the perfect place to practice yoga with a support group. Located in Collingwood, the studio is the embodiment of hygge. Find calm and relaxation through the art of yoga at Good Vibes Yoga.

  • Calm: Calm is a free app available on the Google Play and the Apple App Store. Calm is designed to help you find peace and relaxation through the art of meditation and breathing exercises. For those who struggling with stress, calm is the perfect app for mindfulness.

  • Humming Puppy: Humming Puppy is a unique yoga studio that combines yoga with a soundscape of their design using both digital and organic sound frequencies of 7.83hz and 40hz. Why the different sound frequencies?7.83hz or the ‘Schumann Resonance’ mimics the grounding vibrations of the earth. 40hz induces ‘Gamma’ brainwave activity which encourages collective peak performance and concentration.

  • Hip Hop Yoga Brunswick: For an energising experience Hip Hop Yoga Brunswick is bound to get you set up and ready for the day ahead. Get your body moving with the sounds of hip hop and RnB or if you fancy a slower pace chill out to slow jamz for the fans of RnB, soul and down tempo hip hop.

Beyond the physical benefits, yoga and hygge share a profound impact on mental well-being. The focus on the present moment, a core principle of both yoga and hygge, encourages individuals to let go of stress and anxiety, fostering a peaceful state of mind. The natural breathwork in a yoga practice fosters improved respiratory function, promoting lung capacity and oxygenation. Studies have shown that the meditative aspects of yoga contribute to stress reduction and enhanced mental health. 

Man lies in savasana position on yoga mat on a wooden floor

Hanna Hygge invites you to create your sanctuary at your home, blending the aesthetics of comfort with the practice of yoga. Picture a serene corner surrounded by all the things that bring comfort and calm to your mind and body. Whether it is indoor plants, soft cushions or a window of afternoon sun, create the perfect setting for your yoga practice and experience the feeling of peace, relaxation and hygge. Hanna Hygge European pillows are perfect for creating this comforting space for your practice, our range of colours including Cicada, Bark, Outback and Banksia are colours that will bring a softness and delicate hue to your home.

Woman in a light-filled room makes a bed with the bark linen set from Hanna Hygge

Hanna Hygge is the perfect partner to the practice of yoga, weaving comfort, simplicity and well-being into the fabric of your daily life. As you embark on your journey of mindful movement and relaxation, let the warmth of Hanna Hygge embrace you, creating a feeling of peace that extends from your yoga mat to your comfortable corner. Embrace the art of hygge, and let the connection between yoga and hygge bring you comfort and wellness.

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