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Mother’s Day Gift Guide by Hanna Hygge

From heartfelt treasures to thoughtful gestures, make her day truly special.

Celebrate Mother’s Day in style with our carefully curated gift guide. This is the perfect moment to express gratitude and pamper her with a touch of luxury, especially if she's always on the move and rarely indulges herself. Start by considering something for the home; after all, our homes are where our hearts reside.

If you have a sibling who's struggling to find the ideal gift for Mum, don't fret. Share our ultimate gift guide from Hanna Hygge to ease their stress. We're here to assist in navigating the challenging world of gift-giving, even for the most discerning mums.

Take breakfast off Mum's plate

Start the day with breakfast in bed on Mother's Day. Perhaps a delicious treat of pancakes in bed for the more indulgent breakfast or you can't go wrong with smashed avocado, tomato basil and bruschetta. A quick and easy breakfast to prepare that will go a long way.

The kitchen is a place where cherished memories are born, where the comforting scent of home-cooked meals fills the air, and where joyous laughter echoes. Enhance her kitchen experience with our exquisite table linen set from Hanna Hygge. Mix and match to discover her perfect style. Every time she steps into her kitchen, she'll be reminded of your love and thoughtfulness.

Crafted from premium 180 gsm stone-washed linen sourced from 100% European-grown flax and meticulously made in Portugal, our collection offers enduring quality. With a relaxed dining approach, our linens boast an exceptionally soft touch and elegant drape. Elevate your dining experience by pairing them with our napkins for added sophistication. Explore the table linen range.

Stuck for ideas on where to go on Mother's Day?

Take her out for afternoon tea at Collins Coffee House. Get all the goodies freshly baked on site under glorious chandeliers and ceilings. A luxury made for Mother's Day. Catch up on what's new over tea and make quality time for for working on what's important. Savour the moment as you sip tea and sample scrumptious treats.

For the Mum's who love decor

Transform a house into a home with our Australian-made Sunday Candles, celebrating the beauty and diversity of women in all their forms. Created by best friends Maddi and Kaitlyn, these eco-conscious candles invite you to slow down and savor life's quiet moments.

Instagram | @sundaymade_

Nothing beats a good night's sleep

And for the bedroom, you can't beat a fresh set of linen. Perfect for every season, quality bed linen not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of her bedroom but also ensures her comfort and promotes restful sleep, essential for her overall well-being. Invest in your mum's love and care today with Hanna Hygge. Check-out the bed linen options.

Our top picks for flowers delivered to her door

Finish the day off with flowers. Giving flowers is a simple yet meaningful gesture, it's a tender acknowledgment of the countless ways Mum enriches your life. Let the gift of flowers speak volumes, an undeniable testament to your gratitude and affection. No matter where you are, we’ve compiled a list of online services that will have your Mothers day florals sorted.

Or of course, support local and head to your nearest farmers market.

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