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‘Absolutely Stunning’ Marinated Olives

Updated: Feb 8

For moments spent around the table with family and friends, these marinated olives are made to bring people together. Perfect for stories shared before a meal, this delight is sure to spark conversation and bring excitement into your home. This mighty entree is perfect for entertaining in the summer and spring months or a picnic in the sun.

Mixed Olives of Great Quality: The cornerstone of this recipe is a generous 400g of mixed olives, each variety contributing its unique flavour profile. From the bold and robust black Manzanilla olives to the briny and rich Kalamata, including the delicate blonde Kalamata, Wild olives, and the buttery Aberquina olives – this medley ensures a symphony of textures and tastes in every bite.

Orange Peel: The bright, citrusy notes are introduced with the peel of a fresh orange, carefully stripped of any bitter white pith. This addition imparts a zesty and refreshing undertone, balancing the savoury richness of the olives.

Smashed Garlic and Thyme: Two culinary powerhouses, garlic, and thyme, join forces to infuse the olives with aromatic depth. The garlic, smashed to release its pungent oils, and the earthy thyme create a tantalising blend that elevates the olives to new heights.

Red Wine Vinegar and Chilli Flakes: A splash of red wine vinegar adds a subtle tang, while a pinch of dried red chilli flakes brings a hint of warmth. These elements contribute to the complexity of flavours, teasing the palate with every bite.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: The olives luxuriate in a bath of extra virgin olive oil, absorbing its richness and depth. This not only preserves the olives but also imparts a silky mouthfeel and enhances the overall flavour profile.


  • 400g of mixed olives (of great quality) suggestions are black Manzilla, Kalamata including blonde Kalamata, Wild olives and Aberquina olives.

  • Peel of 1 orange (no white pith)

  • 2 cloves of garlic, smashed

  • 1⁄2 bunch of common thyme

  • A gentle splash of red wine vinegar 

  • A small pinch of dried red chilli flakes 

  • A small qty of salt and pepper

  • Extra virgin olive oil


Step One: Drain all olives of brine and set aside.

Step Two: Place the orange peel, smashed garlic, thyme, vinegar and chilli flakes in a bowl and massage together, using your hands. 

Step Three: Add the olives, massaging all again by hand, to get the flavours going and a little salt and pepper. Cover with oil (you might use approx 1 cup+) and leave overnight, or longer. Agitate every so often to encourage the release of more flavour.

These will store well in the refrigerator however, bring back to room temperature before serving as oil will have solidified and the olives simply taste better served at room temperature. 

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