Our guide for welcoming the feeling of Hygge into home

First, let’s talk about Hygge. Hygge is a Danish concept defined as ‘a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.’ Hanna Hygge is all about creating that feeling of warmth, comfort and peace in your home. Think about warm, cosy winter nights by an open fire or a dinner table surrounded by loved ones. That’s Hygge.

Hanna Hygge celebrates this Danish idea, infused with an Australian context and way of life. The feeling of Hygge aligns with the seasons. Finding the right thing to do to create the feeling of comfort and contentment in your home will depend on the season and time of year.

Summer: This is a time for connection, spending time with the ones you love most. The hot summer months usually mean adventure and time with family and friends for the holidays. The feeling of Hygge should be celebrated in those moments. Collect your family or closest friends and gather around the table and share in the moment with each other. Love filled moments like these are moments of Hygge.

Autumn: Autumn is a time for consideration and contemplation. As the autumn leaves fall, find quality time for yourself. As the days grow colder, this is a time for personal growth. From evenings spent reading, learning a new skill or finding a new passion. Create time and space in your home to explore these new ideas.

Winter: Hygge in winter is all about self-love and self-comfort. Creating warmth and comfort in your home by yourself is important over these cold months. It is important to nurture and connect with yourself at this time. Warm cups of tea and coffee, and homemade winter meals are some of the best ways to feel Hygge and bring warmth into your home over winter.

Spring: A feeling of refreshment and growth comes in Spring. Our indoor plants grow and change our indoor landscape, and sunny days bring on the spring clean. Spring is the perfect time to connect with the natural world, whether it be picnics with friends or gardening in your yard, whether it be big or small. Enjoy the changes nature makes in your home over these exciting months.

The Hanna Hygge homewares collection is inspired by this fusion of Danish design, the feelings of Hygge and our Australian environment. The colours of our bed linen, table linen and ceramic dining sets all showcase the colours of Australia.